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A yogini-slash-scuba-diver's musings. I might also post about my other love - litterature - and my random interests.

First pic… considering an ill-advised plan.
I wanted to see how changing the setting changed my perception of this asana. I had trouble getting up on my own, I needed my husband behind me to assuage my fears. All in all, a fun experiment!

One sick kiddo and a stomach bug make for a very poor yogi blogger.

As the new year unfolds, I’m pleasantly surprised by the way my hips slowly open, releasing the resistances stocked there.

So far, for this and other reasons, I’m definitely loving 2014!

Goals for 2014! These are my before photos!

First, my foe, Chaturanga Dandasana. Come what may, this is the year I’ll hover!

Flexibility wise, I’m also ready to get the splits. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this might be a bit less daunting that I feared. Those last centimeters are hard, though!

Last, my accomplishment of the year, Pincha Mayurasana. I’m definitely getting better!

As I reflect on 2013, I’m grateful for so much: my kids, the house we’re building, my new job, which I love, my renewed love for beauty as expressed through movement.

Most of all, though, I’m grateful for this guy, my husband, my love.

I wish you all an amazing 2014!

Joy to the yogis, days 14 and 15

Dhanurasana is still a work in progress, so I didn’t really try variations. I did try to grab my foot over my shoulder with a strap, but I was still too far for this to happen.

My hips aren’t open enough for center splits - yet. Instead, I did an exercise we do in ballet. My turnout is slooowly increasing. There too, I need an awful lot of practice. I can bring my forehead to the ground if I bend my back, which isn’t ideal.

Either way, I’m glad to be alive and in good enough health to be able to move my body in interesting ways.

Anonymous said: If your house was on fire and you could only save what you could carry in one trip, (assuming all your family members and pets were safe) what would you rescue?

If all my loved ones were safe, lame as it is, I’d grab my iPad. Even without Internet, it holds some of my most prized possessions: hundreds of books. So assuming my family and cat were safe, and my husband thought to grab valuables and necessities, I really think I’d take my tablet.

Joy to the yogis!

Thread the needle is a nice restorative pose. Koundinyasana is anything but, so it wasn’t happening. But! I’m getting better at tripod headstand, so that’s that.

Practice, and all that.

Joy to the yogis!

Funky dolphin pose really stretches the shoulders, great after a day at the office. As for hero pose, I usually name it after my youngest, since it’s his favorite pose. It usually brings at least a mental smile to me because I can picture him in the shower in the easiest hero pose, usually eating my bath oils.

Joy to the yogis!

I love how my spine feels after a backbend session. I love breathing between my vertebrae, and the front body stretch. I need to work on arching my whole back, not only my lower back, but I love the feeling of progress.

Now if only I could find both an Ashtanga class, and the time to attend!